This is August Landmesser, the man that refused to give the Nazi salute, 1936

Famous as the man that refused to give the Nazi salute in 1936, August Landmesser was was a worker at the Blohm + Voss shipyard in Hamburg, Germany. He was also a member of Nazi Party until he fell in love with a Jewish woman named Irma Eckler. According to the Nuremberg laws, he was not allowed to marry Irma but they stayed together and became parents of two daughters later.

August was arrested for ‘dishonoring the race’ and Irma was sent to concentration camp in 1938. His daughters Irene and Ingrid were separated by the city orphanage and raised by foster parents after. Irene wrote a book called: “A family torn apart by “Rassenschande”: Political persecution in the Third Reich.” We’ve collected this information after a little research and also found these rare photos of August and his family.