The Russian army during the first World War. Part 3

The Russian army during the first World War. Photos from the newspaper, “Chronicle of War”, 1916.

Chronicles of War-1916-0001

The German guns taken by the French on the River Somme

Chronicles of War-1916-0002

At the front of the General Evert

Chronicles of War-1916-0003

The barricade built by the Austrians

Chronicles of War-1916-0005

At the front of the Dvina area

Chronicles of War-1916-0006

Chronicles of War-1916-0004

Chronicles of War-1916-0007

The commander of the French army in the Middle East Maurice Sarrail, on parade of British troops

Chronicles of War-1916-0008

French front. General Lokhvitsky on the trenches occupied by Russian troops

Chronicles of War-1916-0012

Soldiers at rest, Carpathian Mountains

Chronicles of War-1916-0013

In Carpathians

Chronicles of War-1916-0014

On the Austrian front