The Russian army during the first World War. Part 2

Russian, Italian and British army during the first World War. Photos from the newspaper, “Chronicle of War”, 1916.

Chronicles of War-1916-0001


Chronicles of War-1916-0003

The onset of the infantry

Chronicles of War-1916-0004

On the Caucasian front, in the trenches

Chronicles of War-1916-0005

On the Caucasian front, the rest after the fight

Chronicles of War-1916-0006

British gunners on the French front

Chronicles of War-1916-0007

Surroundings of Verdun, craters from heavy shells

Chronicles of War-1916-0008

The deck of one of the British dreadnoughts

Chronicles of War-1916-0010

Italian infantry in the mountains

Chronicles of War-19160003

The view from the trenches

Chronicles of War-19160001

Exhibition of battle trophies