The Russian army during the first World War. Part 1

The Russian forces during the first World War. Back then, the Russian Army was the largest army in the world. Photos are taken from the newspaper, “Chronicle of War”, 1916

Chronicles of War-1916-0001

Imperial Majesty in a mosque in Eupatoria

Chronicles of War-1916-0002

Imperial Majesty among the officers of the ship “Catherine the Great”

Chronicles of War-1916-0003

Sevastopol. Guard of honor

Chronicles of War-1916-0004

Location of Russian troops on the western shore of Koropets

Chronicles of War-1916-0005

General Nikolai Ruzsky

Chronicles of War-1916-0006

The village on the shores of Stokhid

Chronicles of War-1916-0007

Cellars in which Australians were hiding gunpowder and bombs during The Battle of Galicia

Chronicles of War-1916-0008

Imperial Majesty near the plant for the extraction of iodine

Chronicles of War-1916-0009

Imperial Majesty among the injured

Chronicles of War-1916-0010

British battlecruisers with the German squadron