The Invention of the first helicopter by Paul Cornu, 1907

One of the greatest inventions in 20th century was the first helicopter made by Paul Cornu in 1907. He made the first true flight, free of any tie-down ropes, in another French machine later the same year, on November 13th.

His helicopter had two rotors mounted in tandem, one behind the other and the pilot sat between them, in intimate proximity to the little 24-horsepower Antoinette engine. The helicopter rose no more than 2 meters, and the longest flight lasted only a third of a minute. Nevertheless, it flew, completely free of any attachment to the ground.

The-Invention-of-the-first-helicopter-by-Paul-Cornu-1907-1 The-Invention-of-the-first-helicopter-by-Paul-Cornu-1907-2 The-Invention-of-the-first-helicopter-by-Paul-Cornu-1907-3 The-Invention-of-the-first-helicopter-by-Paul-Cornu-1907-4 The-Invention-of-the-first-helicopter-by-Paul-Cornu-1907-5 The-Invention-of-the-first-helicopter-by-Paul-Cornu-1907-6 The-Invention-of-the-first-helicopter-by-Paul-Cornu-1907-7 The-Invention-of-the-first-helicopter-by-Paul-Cornu-1907-8