The Battle of Coral Sea, 1942.

The Battle of the Coral Sea, fought during 4–8 May 1942, was a major naval battle in the Pacific Theater of World War II between the Imperial Japanese Navy and naval and air forces from the United States and Australia. The battle was the first action in which aircraft carriers engaged each other, as well as the first in which neither side’s ships sighted or fired directly upon the other.

5in-gun-aboard-US-heavy-cruiser Battle of the Coral Sea May 1942 BattleOfCoralSea1 BattleOfCoralSea2 BattleOfCoralSea3 BattleOfCoralSea4 BattleOfCoralSea5 BattleOfCoralSea6 BattleOfCoralSea7 BattleOfCoralSea8 BattleOfCoralSea9 BattleOfCoralSea10 BattleOfCoralSea11 Large_explosion_aboard_USS_Lexington_(CV-2),_8_may_1942 Lexington-burning Planes landing on USS Lexington during Battle of Coral Sea Shokaku-during-1942-Battle-of-Santa-Cruz USS Lexington during the Battle of Coral Sea May 1942 USS_Yorktown_(CV-5)_during_the_Battle_of_the_Coral_Sea,_April_1942