Siege of Tsingtao, 1914

The Siege of Tsingtao, also called Siege of Tsingtau, marks the attack on the German port of Tsingtao in China during World War I by Japan and the United Kingdom.

It happened between 31 October and 7 November, 1914 was the first encounter between Japanese and German forces and also the first Anglo-Japanese operation during the war.

Siege-of-Tsingtao-1914-1 Siege-of-Tsingtao-1914-2 Siege-of-Tsingtao-1914-3

Schutzgebiet Kiautschou Vorderste deutsche Frontlinie (Kamp um Tsingtau, 1914)

Siege-of-Tsingtao-1914-5 Siege-of-Tsingtao-1914-6 Siege-of-Tsingtao-1914-7 Siege-of-Tsingtao-1914-8 Siege-of-Tsingtao-1914-9

Schutztruppe Kiautschou Seesoldaten in Deckung

Siege-of-Tsingtao-1914-11 Siege-of-Tsingtao-1914-12