Second Battle of El Alamein, 1942.

The Second Battle of El Alamein (23 October – 11 November 1942) took place near the Egyptian coastal city of El Alamein. With the Allies victorious, it marked a major turning point in the Western Desert Campaign of the Second World War. It followed the First Battle of El Alamein, which had stalled the Axis advance into Egypt, after which, in August 1942, Lieutenant-General Bernard Montgomery had taken command of the British Eighth Army from General Claude Auchinleck.


A mine explodes close to a British artillery tractor as it advances through enemy minefields and wire to the new front lines Nordafrika, Panzer II, Kraftfahrzeuge A Valentine in North Africa, carrying British infantry Australian soldiers running toward the front lines during re-enactment of the Battle of El Alamein, 24 Oct 1942 British night artillery barrage which opened the second Battle of El Alamein British tanks advance to engage German armour after infantry had opened gaps in the Axis minefield at El Alamein Captured German tank Pz.Kpfw.III.  German prisoners bought in from the battle Montgomery observing the field, Egypt, Nov 1942 RAF Baltimore bombing El Daba airfield in support of the Alamein offensive Sherman tanks of the Eighth Army move across the desert