Robert F. Kennedy’s assassination, 1968

Not long after, John F. Kennedy’s assassination, his brother, Robert F. Kennedy was shoot down after midnight on 5th June, 1968, only minutes after proclaiming victory in the California Democratic presidential primary.

It’s believed that Sirhan Sirhan, a Palestinian of Jordanian citizenship convicted the assassination alone, but this assumption was not accepted from more than four-fifths of all Americans. They’re convinced that they haven’t been told the truth about President John Kennedy’s assassination.

There was a team of six surgeons labored to remove the bullet lodged in his brain. But his injuries were too severe. At 1:44 pm the next day, Robert F. Kennedy was pronounced dead. From the autopsy three gunshot wounds were found in Robert Kennedy’s body. One behind the right ear, a second near the right armpit and a third 11/2 inches below the armpit wound. A fourth bullet missed his body but pierced the right rear shoulder of his suit coat. All bullets entered from the right rear, at fairly steep upward angles and in a slightly right-to-left direction.

How can all these shoots be fired from only one man in few seconds? Although witnesses disagree on whether Sirhan shot at Robert while the Senator was turned to his left shaking hands with busboy Juan Romero or whether the handshake had finished and Kennedy was walking forward, all agree that Sirhan approached Kennedy from the front and that the Senator never turned his back to Sirhan.

This is totally inconsistent with the autopsy evidence that the shots came from the rear. It’s never been shown that it was possible for Sirhan to have fired the fatal shots. And if he didn’t, there must have been a second gunman, a one version, not based on 100% evidence.