Rare photos of Che Guevara’s childhood

Che Guevara was a legendary political activist, who gave his life for the downfall of imperialism and the establishment of socialism.

Born as Ernesto Guevara to Celia de la Serna y Llosa and Ernesto Guevara Lynch, on 14th June 1928, in the city of Rosario, Argentina  he was the eldest of the five children of the couple.

From a young age, he was introduced to a wide range of political perspectives, primarily leftists. These incidents left a deep impact on the mind of this budding revolutionary.

He developed an affinity for reading and was known to be a voracious reader. Throughout his early days, he had read the works of various revolutionaries and political leaders of the world. As a youngster, he excelled in athletics and various sport activities. Academically, after attaining his preliminary education, he enrolled at the University of Buenos Aires to study medicine.

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