Rare photos from Winston Churchill’s childhood

Born to an aristocratic family in 1874, Winston had a younger brother, Jack. A nurse looked after the boys, because their mother and father were often busy and away from home. Winston served in the British military and worked as a writer before going into politics.

After becoming prime minister in 1940, he helped lead a successful Allied strategy with the U.S. and Russia during WWII to defeat the Axis powers and craft post-war peace. Elected prime minister again in 1951, he introduced key domestic reforms. Churchill died at age 90 in 1965.

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XJF368438   Credit: Winston Churchill with his mother, Lady Randolph Churchill (b/w photo) by English Photographer, (19th century)  Private Collection/ The Bridgeman Art Library  Nationality / copyright status: English / out of copyright


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Winston Churchill 1875-1965, during early years four year old Churchill, full-length, standing, held by his mother, Lady Randolph (Photo by: Universal History Archive/UIG via Getty Images)

BNPS.co.uk (01202 558833) Churchill (seated with pet terrier) Previously unseen photographs of Winston Churchill as an 18-year-old have emerged in a family photo album. The two pictures were taken just a few weeks before he almost died after falling from a bridge in a Bournemouth, chine in Dorset. Pictured alongside his brother Jack, Churchill is shown outside his Aunt Cornelia's home in Canford near Bournemouth during the winter of 1892. The album is being sold by Bonhams on November 22 and it is expected to sell for 3,000 pounds.

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