Postmortem-Photography in the Victorian era. Part 2

Having photos taken in the Victoria era was very expensive and most families didn’t own a camera. But when a loved one died the Victorians were presented with an opportunity to imortalise their beloved in a way that was previously impossible: they could photograph them. Because of the high cost of photography, post-mortem photographs were, in many cases, the only photograph a family had of the deceased. Here can be found part 1.

Be careful as some of these photos are really disturbing!

02-post-mortem-photography 05-post-mortem-photography 08-post-mortem-photography 11-post-mortem-photography 14-post-mortem-photography 17-post-mortem-photography 20-post-mortem-photography 23-post-mortem-photography 26-post-mortem-photography 29-post-mortem-photography 32-post-mortem-photography 35-post-mortem-photography 38-post-mortem-photography 41-post-mortem-photography