Meet Sigmund Freud, the creator of psychoanalysis

The father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud was an Austrian-born psychiatrist contributed to the understanding of human psychology in areas such as the unconscious mind, sexuality, and dream interpretation.

Born on May 6, 1856, Freud was also among the first to recognize the significance of emotional events that occur in childhood. Although many of his theories have since fallen out of favor, Freud profoundly influenced psychiatric practice in the twentieth century. He passed away on September 23, 1939 from drug overdose. One of his famous quotes is: “The ego is not master in its own house.”

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UNSPECIFIED - JANUARY 01:  Sigmund Freud. Photograph. around 1933.  (Photo by Imagno/Getty Images) [Sigmund Freud. Photographie. um 1933]