Hitler becoming a chancellor of Germany, 1933

On 30 January 1933, Adolf Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany. The supposed one thousand year Reich had started. But it would be another nineteen months before Hitler achieved absolute power.

In 1932 Germany saw the rise of the Nazi party into a prominent political force. The Weimar government had failed its people and, following the worldwide depression, Germany was in economic ruin, people’s livelihoods shattered and the nation still burdened with the humiliation of the post-First World War Treaty of Versailles. Germans, fearful of Communists and Jews, looked for an alternative and that alternative lay in Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party.

Hitler-becoming-a-chancellor-of-Germany-1933-1 Hitler-becoming-a-chancellor-of-Germany-1933-2 Hitler-becoming-a-chancellor-of-Germany-1933-3 Hitler-becoming-a-chancellor-of-Germany-1933-4 Hitler-becoming-a-chancellor-of-Germany-1933-5

Machtergreifung NSDAP / III.Reich: Hitler  Ernennung zum Reichskanzler : Nach der Ernennung veranstalten SA und Stahlhelm am Abend einen Fackelzug zur Reichskanzlei. Der Fackelzug auf dem Wilhelmplatz in Berlin: Adolf Hitler grüsst von einem Fenster der neuen Reichskanzlei; Rechts: Hermann Göring. Dahinter Wilhelm Frick und rechts Rudolf Hess. 30.01.1933  III.Reich - Seizure of power NSDAP - appointment of Hitler as chancellor of the Reich: After appointment SA and Stahlhelm (steel helmet / rightwing war veteran organisation) organize in the evening  a torchlight procession towards the chancellery (Reichskanzlei) - The procession in front of the new chancellery. Hitler saluting from a window; to his right Hermann Goering; behind Wilhelm Frick and to the right Rudolf Hess.   30.01.1933

Hitler-becoming-a-chancellor-of-Germany-1933-7 Hitler-becoming-a-chancellor-of-Germany-1933-8 Hitler-becoming-a-chancellor-of-Germany-1933-9 Hitler-becoming-a-chancellor-of-Germany-1933-10 Hitler-becoming-a-chancellor-of-Germany-1933-11