Great Chicago fire, 1871

The great fire Chicago remembers, back in 1871 lasted two days. From Sunday, October 8th, till Tuesday, October 10th, Chicago Illinois was in flames, left 100,000 residents homeless and 300 victims.

Even if this fire was one of the largest disasters of the 19th century, and destroyed much of the city’s central business district, Chicago was rebuilt and continued to grow as one of the most populous and economically important American cities.

Cleanup at Clark And Madison Streets After Chicago Fire, IL, 1871. Great-Chicago-fire-1871-2 Great-Chicago-fire-1871-3 Great-Chicago-fire-1871-4 Great-Chicago-fire-1871-5 Great-Chicago-fire-1871-6

scan from 4x5 glass plate negative

Great-Chicago-fire-1871-8 Great-Chicago-fire-1871-9 Great-Chicago-fire-1871-10 Great-Chicago-fire-1871-11