Color photos of the Soviet Army during the World War II. Part 1.

In today’s post we will show you colored photos of the Soviet Army forces from the World War II.

We hope that thanks to this collection of photos you will better feel the atmosphere of those days.

colorsoviet-1 colorsoviet-2 colorsoviet-3 colorsoviet-4 colorsoviet-5 colorsoviet-6 colorsoviet-7 colorsoviet-8 colorsoviet-9 colorsoviet-10 colorsoviet-11 colorsoviet-12 colorsoviet-13 colorsoviet-14 colorsoviet-15 colorsoviet-16 colorsoviet-17 colorsoviet-18 colorsoviet-19 colorsoviet-20 colorsoviet-21