Children labour in the Victorian era

Today’s childhood is much better than the one children in the Victorian era had. If you wonder why, that’s because they had to work to help their families even at the age of 5 years old.

Because they were considered cheap labor Victorian children were in high demand for many types of jobs including mining, factory work, street sweepers, clothing and hat makers, chimney sweeps, farming, textile mills, servants, and sadly, prostitution.

While the wealthy children may have been spoiled and had a much better life than the poor children, they also had what would seem to be a sad, redundant and affection-less existence.

Portrait of a child laborer standing between a spinning loom and a window at a cotton mill. The young girl wears tattered work clothes. North America 1909

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Destitute children typical admissions to Dr Barnardo's Home in 1874

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victorian style chimney sweep, a child chimney sweep, hulton pic 05/09/2003

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