Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands, 1942

The Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands, 26 October 1942, sometimes referred to as the Battle of Santa Cruz or in Japanese sources as the Battle of the South Pacific , was the fourth carrier battle of the Pacific campaign of World War II and the fourth major naval engagement fought between the United States Navy and the Imperial Japanese Navy during the lengthy and strategically important Guadalcanal campaign.

A Hornet Wildcat that just landed minutes earlier skids across Enterprise '​s flight deck as the carrier maneuvers violently during Junyo '​s dive bomber attack A Japanese dive bomber (center) is shot down during the attack on the Enterprise (lower right). As a TBF Avenger prepares to take off from Enterprise on 26 October, Enterprise conducts air operations in the South Pacific on 24 October 1942. Hornet, sinking and abandoned. Japanese cruiser Chikuma under attack on 26 October. Japanese fighter and dive bomber aircraft on Shōkaku prepare to launch for an attack on U.S. carrier forces the morning of 26 October 1942. Pilot of a Japanese dive bomber about to crash his Val into Hornet's signal bridge. santacr1 SantaCruzHornetCrash USS_Enterprise-Bat_Santa_Cruz With Hornet dead in the water, the cruiser Northampton prepares to take her under tow.