Battle of Prokhorovka, 1943

The Battle of Prokhorovka was fought near Prokhorovka, 87 kilometres southeast of Kursk, on the Eastern Front during the Second World War. Battle of Prokhorovka – a part of the Battle of Kursk in 1943 that saw one of the largest armor clashes of all time.

A 5th Guards Army T-34 column moves toward Prokhorovka A German Panzer III and Panzer II lay destroyed on the field. A Panzer III column moves towards Prokhorovka A T-34 burns on the field A Tiger I prepares to fire, moving past a destroyed T-34 Russland, bei Pokrowka, Soldat mit Zigarette battle_1 Bundesarchiv_Bild_101III-Groenert-019-23A,_Schlacht_um_Kursk,_Panzer_VI_(Tiger_I) Russland, zerstˆrter russischer Panzer German forces in the southern Kursk salient during Operation Citadel Russland, Panzer IV und Sch¸tzenpanzer in Fahrt German panzers near Prokhorovka Russland, bei Pokrowka, russischer Panzer T34 Soviet troops examine a destroyed Panther